New Year

Firstly, I would like to wish the new year to all. "HAPPY NEW YEAR". ^ _ ^
Mention the new year must relate to the determination of a person. So, what motivated you?
I just hope 2012 will be better and more fulfilling for me. Leave characteristics or bad habits in 2011. Lastly, I pray to god to give me, family and friends a long life, bodily health, low income and very hard in doing a thing to be successful. Thanks God ...

Shopping and Money

I love shopping. How about you? : ')
But not perfect at the mall I have no money so had to wash his eye. =)
If I have a financially stable, when I was shopping often must I buy clothes and shoes. I am one who like to buy a cute design sliper.
I can collect money, but one that is quite extravagant. Therefore, many that I collect any money eventually be exhausted. That I ... =)

My Future Husband

Talk about a husband must be the all good things only .=)
My mother said "the man must be religious, properties, appearance,". That is according to Islam.
In addition to myself, man must respect the old, polite, do not have a high ego, not easily annoyed, kind and caring. If I found all the features found in a man would I be a very lucky woman. ^ _ ^

The purpose of my life

The main purpose of my life is like a family stone. I am not of the luxury-class family, but only moderately. Therefore, I hope someday I can bring excitement and most important is happiness to them. I want to see my sisters be successful in whatever they do because that would make my parents happy and happy. I hope I can perform the duties as a son of my parents and my younger sister to the two well. In addition, I determined to study hard to get a job that guarantees the future.


Family Holiday

The last semester, my family went to Pangkor Island. Many fun activities we do. Among them, such as diving, boat ride around the island and visits the historic venues in. There sutu this activity that I really want to do it but not to be as expensive, and I could not afford a jet sky. There, mandatory for me to take pictures and to knowledge of all the food there is very expensive but the usual tourist attractions. However, we are very happy and gained some knowledge.

Bad memories of unforgettable

When I was 5 years old, me and my brother chased by dogs. This incident happened when we walked to my mun workplace. When walking in front of a house, I heard dogs barking increasingly gained ground against us and continue to pursue us. At that time, we were both running as fast as possible. I ran my brother trailing behind as he ran faster than me. Suddenly I accidentally stepped on stones and fall. My brother came to help and pulled my hand and kept running. Finally, after much running dog stop chasing us and come back to the house of his master. We are very relieved and breathe long and go home. This incident is not possible for me forever.

Memories Of School

All people must have felt the same. When a university or work, everyone must have felt like back in the days of school. This is because the time to give a lot of school memories are sweet or bitter unforgettable. Among the fine, if not complete homework provided outside of class homework and stand up to the end of the study period. In addition, each morning to gather at the square to listen to motivational morning before going to class. All this will be remembered for ever and can not be found when the school is no longer a dream. School is the most beautiful and memorable.